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Emacs/CIDER Notes


This is a short collection of notes I’ve made on using Emacs. Mostly its the things I’ve been using just infrequently enough to forget.

It’s a work in progress.

Emacs to do:

Can I have a bash shell in emacs?

Learn all the emacs temp and backup files and why they show up.

Set the mode based upon file extension automatically (md files text-mode with auto-fillmode)


Frame: otherwise known as a “window” in Windows.
Window: a window is a view of a buffer within a frame.
Buffer: the place between your brain and the hard disk where work goes to be dislayed in a window.

Windows & Frames

Switch to another window: C-x o

Switch to the window on other frame: C-x 5 o

Create a new frame: C-x 5 2

Delete the frame: C-x 5 0

Create a new window on the right: C-x 3

Create a new window below: C-x 2

Close the current window: C-x 0

add (windmove-default-keybindings) to init.el, then Shift + arrow switches to different windows


Re-center window: C-l

End of file : M->

Beginning of file : M-<

Next list : C-M-n

Previous list : C-M-p

Display next full screen of file : C-v

Display previous full screen of file : M-v

Go to line number : M-x goto-line

Move back to previous paragraph beginning (backward-paragraph): M-{

Move forward to next paragram end (forward-paragraph): M-}

Put a point and mark around this or next paragraph (mark-paragraph): M-h


Connect to CIDER REPL: M-x cider-jack-in | M-x -jac

Set namespace : C-c M-n

Clear the buffer : M-x cider-repl-clear-buffer

Indent the selected region : C-M-\

Format the entire buffer : M-x cider-format-buffer

Restart sesman: C-c C-s C-r ‘sesman-restart

CIDER Debugging / Evaluation

Eval last expression : C-x C-e

Load/Eval buffer : C-c C-k

Eval current sexp : C-c C-v C-v

Eval defn at point : C-M-x

Debug : C-u C-M-x
Debugger docs


Search: C-s [press it again to repeat the search]

Spell Check

ispell: M-x ispell

skip word: <SPC>

replace word: r new | R new (which does query-replace through document)

replace with suggestion: digit

accept the incorrect word: a | A (A for only this editing session and buffer)

insert this word into private dictionary: i

More: Spelling

To Investigate